According to Forbes, barbering is the fastest growing profession in the United States and projected to be a $26 billion dollar industry by 2020.




Makeup Artists

Beauty Consultants

Beauty Salespeople

Nail Technicians

Massage Therapist

Tattoo Artists

Fitness Trainers


In the industry, I’ve experienced nearly every type of interaction with my clients. I’ve experienced all their desires.

As a result, I’ve created an easy to follow method to build more clients and keep them coming back for your service.

Being a barber isn’t just about cutting hair – it’s about building an emotional connection with your clients.

There is a solid foundation that every barber must set up for themselves if they really want to be in control of their career, be able to enjoy it, and make the money they desire.

If you learn this system, then you will never have to hunt for clients. In fact, customers will be hunting you down. You will never have to try to convince someone to get a haircut by you because they will convince themselves.

If you don’t learn this system, you won’t ever be able to scale you barber business. You will have to always try to convince and beg people to sit in your chair. You will have to say things like “go tell someone about me.” You will have to bribe people with discounts and deals. You will be looked at as the barber that just can’t get right and is desperate for business. People just won't care about you or your service.

Barbers leave thousands of dollars on the table simply because they didn't have the right approach and strategy for their career.

The Rich Barber Method is your road map to attracting clients, keeping them, and charging more. The barber life is so much better when you're in demand, making money and winning.

make over $100,000 a year make $40,000 to $60,000 a year
steady stream of clients Occassional Bookings
scale business quickly reach diminishing returns
word of mouth referrals Not in control of their business
increase price of services Lower Price & Giving Discounts
enjoy your career way to pay bills


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If you’re more of a visual learner, then the Live Class is a perfect complement to the book. Through this online class, you’ll learn many of the book’s core principles, in addition to extra content and visual examples. You can conveniently watch on your TV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.


The money-making calculator

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Every great endeavor starts with a goal of some kind. The money-making calculator is a tool to help you set your goals as a barber. Before we get into conquering the three domains, you need to set a monetary goal to aspire to so you understand what exactly you’re working towards. We will help you calculate the prices you need to charge and the number of clients you need to service to meet your income goals. Next, set a date that you think it’s reasonable to hit these goals—maybe a year—and then revisit your numbers and your progress several times a week so you can make sure you are on track and you understand where you are in your growth.

Up Your Price Analysis

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The Up Your Price Analysis was created to help you scale your business intelligently, fairly, and with confidence based on your current demand. The Up Your Price Analysis will help you figure out which price is best to maximize revenue, and how to raise your price without causing any negative impact on your income. The analysis will allow you to see if you can charge more without making less.

The Rich Barber Mixtape

Retail Value: $97.00 FREE WITH PURCHASE

You’ll find step-by-step tutorials from the hottest barbers executing their best techniques that will help you improve yours absolutely free!


Chuka Torres is a entrepreneur, barber, inventor, author and barbershop owner. He is the Founder & CEO of The Rich Barber, Inventor of the 1Minute Blade Modifier, On The Money 10sec Blade Setter, the FlashComb, and The Rich Barber Method System. He was born and raised in Sacramento, California and has two barber shops in the area and one in Los Angeles.

Chuka is one of the most widely followed barbers on social media



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Hey I’m JayKing_Sharpbarber. I’ve been cutting for almost 17 years. Had some peaks and had some valleys as well. I kept seeing this book come across and I’d look but scroll on. Later realized I didn’t feel like changing. Grabbed the book to see if he rich then how he do it???? Once I opened the package the quality of the book stood out first. From the pages to the graphics and images. Maybe he is rich?!? From the moment I started the book it was not going down. Principles that are so important and a mentality that will take you there. It was 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t wait to get back to work. Since then it has shown a major difference in my approach to my first love again. Thank you sir and many blessings, everyone who reads this book and was getting burned out. It’s not that you’re getting burned out.... it’s that you aren’t making the type of money you desire for all your hard work!! READ THE BOOK!!! There’s A Way!!! 💯
Amazing book Chuka Torres
If you have any interest or love for the hair care industry this is a must have a book for your collection. It is well put together and has a lot of key points that you can use in your every day life. It is pretty much the cheat code to building a successful business in the hair industry. I enjoyed every page. GREAT BOOK!!!
You can’t change your situation if you don’t take action.
The Rich Barber Method is definitely the book every barber should read and study throughout their careers as it’s the foundation they need to build their clientele, provide world-class service, and make more money. The information within the pages can help anyone, even non-barbers, to build a solid community, business, and expand by following the simple but powerful method Chuka outlines in the book. In each domain of The Rich Barber Method, Chuka breaks down the importance of mastering your craft, providing world-class service, and promoting yourself to a higher status in order to achieve more in your business or in this case as a barber. Chuka is an inspiration to many who’ve been following his journey years ago on YouTube and Instagram.
Not just for Barbers, EVERY entrepreneur should read this book!
While this book is clearly written for barbers, Chuka’s advice is universally applicable. I learned several lessons that I’ll be applying in my non-barber companies.
Good book
It was a gift and the person can’t stop reading the book
A Must Read
The Perfect book to take your game to the next level! This book gives you so much game on all aspects of barbering. There’s plenty of barbers out there already succeeding off of the rich barber method, it’s proven it works 💯
Game changer
Sometimes the true value of a masterpiece like this goes beyond the words printed on the pages. I have been a barber since I was 16 and a few years ago The Author of this book came to the shop I currently work out of which is now called The Rich Barbers Hair Studio and worked in the station next to me. I got something more than just a philosophy I got to see some one that looked like me doing what I wanted to do. That right there, is priceless. The ripple effect of a person like this writing a book like this not only pours into the mindset of a culture who is ready and worthy of empowering themselves with the success they deserve in all aspects of their life. So that in a matter of moments any person from any background can choose to be a powerful creator of a being rich in value, rich in appreciation, rich in satisfaction, rich in expectations, rich in creativity, rich in opportunity, rich in belief, rich in love and RICH in Mentality.
Thanks my brother for allowing so many valuable Pieces of your life to continue to inspire those who are in search of an example.
Hasheem “The Barber” Whitmore
What Barbers Have Been Waiting For
I adopted The Rich Barber Mindset/Method at a crucial time in my life. Over the past year I’ve been working with Chuka Torres both as my mentor and friend, something I will always be extremely thankful for.
Before adopting The Rich Barber Method I wasn’t confident with the results of my haircuts and I struggled to make slow progress.
I realized it wasn’t just him, but that ‘The Rich Barber’ was actually a philosophy that ANYONE could learn and adopt, even me! I made the decision to go all in and told myself one day, I would become a Rich Barber.
Fast forward to now as I write this I’m one year into my apprentice program with Chuka at The Rich Barber Hair Studio. By adopting The Rich Barber Method I’ve found myself in the position where I have the opportunity to take action and create the business and life that I’ve always desired.
I’ve learned so many lessons from Chuka and I know readers will benefit from reading this book. The Rich Barber Method is what young barbers have been looking for."
-Joel Thompson @jfadeit
Best Barber Method. The Rich Barber Method!
This book changed my view on barbering and in my career in general. 5/5 Thanks Chuka!
I started cutting in the garage at 5 dollar and now I’m charging 40+. It wasn’t until I applied the rich barber method that I discovered a foundation of what I was really capable of, I myself am a walking testimony of these results. Entering the Rich barber hair studio applying this method helped shape and leverage the type of barber that I am today and the person I want to be. One year ago I started with no clients, 6 months later I’ve created a consistent Demand cut by cut as an apprentice barber. After listening and reading to the rich barber You can feel how passionate and powerful Chuka goes in depth of the rich barber method and how this book will not only change the way you think, but empower an individual to elevate into the person he or she never thought they could become. Rich mindset = Rich outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a barber isn’t just about cutting hair – it’s about building an emotional connection with your clients. There is a solid foundation that every barber must set up for themselves if they really want to be in control of their career, be able to enjoy it, and make the money they desire. If you learn this system, then you will never have to hunt for clients. In fact, customers will be hunting you down. You will never have to try to convince someone to get a haircut by you because they will convince themselves.

Even though this system was created with the barber in mind, it can still apply to other types of careers. For example: Hair stylists, Makeup Artists, Beauty Consultants, Beauty Salespeople, Massage Therapists, Nail Technicians, Beauticians, Estheticians, and more have used this system to benefit their careers and livelihoods. This is ideal for anyone who has direct communication with a customer and focuses primarily on an aspect of beauty or health. You’ll learn what steps you can take to become great in your career and increase your value so that you can up your prices with the confidence that you’ve mastered your trade in every way possible. You’ll be so good that your clients will be excited to pay more for your services.

You will get the updated softcover edition sent to you in the mail. In addition, you will get immediate and exclusive access to the membership site where you can access the rest of the system and tools provided for you. When you invest in The Rich Barber System, you get ten years of Chuka Torres’ experience, trial and error from life, barbering and entrepreneurship, all combined into a simple, step-by-step method that any barber or person in the beauty industry can use to grow their career to heights they never knew were possible. You have in your hand the tools, the mindsets, the affirmations, and the action steps to attract clients, keep them, and charge more.

According to Forbes, barbering is the fastest growing profession in the United States and projected to be a $26 billion dollar industry by 2020. There has never been a better time in history to leverage your passion as a barber...or really anyone in the beauty industry for that matter.

Yes, you can purchase The Rich Barber Method softcover book on Amazon. However, The Rich Barber Method System is not available on Amazon and is only offered on this site. Therefore, when you purchase directly from this site, you’ll get the softcover edition book (which is what you can get on Amazon) but you’ll also get access to the exclusive member site for premium content and tools to maximize your potential.